December 17th, 2012 5:19 am

– decent fashion shorts out – All Rights ReservedDecent fashion shorts were all rights reserved[review] young career OL2011 new shorts, style novel fashion; style simple and clear, generous decency; cut perfect show female beautiful lines,wholesale clothing for women, pure tone basic dress vest with personality T-shirt, which imparts a professional image, but also with youthful vitality, become white-collar love is full of charm black! The jumpsuit, show it a calm and introverted personality, but also significantly thinner skill special, simple bright accessories, can break the, modern index one hundred points.Black fashion shorts, white edge belt is very bright, and black and white mosaic sleeve small coat collocation, the young fashion temperament OL appear immediately, but the big show legs good opportunity.Closing effect of Lantern shorts, a small area of low profile black and calm,korean clothing wholesale, cuffs fold underlines the vitality of youth, upper body matched with beautiful color T-shirt, more modern ol vigor.Agile Khaki Shorts department, fitting the cut, a soft light in summer the real wear and all-match, paired with BlingBling vest or shirt, and immediately enhance the sense of fashion.A little Rome pants style black shorts, hip looseness can moderate the hide imperfect body, narrowing the pants were more slender leg, small white inner, classic black and white.Beige wide pants shorts, simple white, give a person the sense of pure and comfortable, with a white jacquard sweater, fresh and explicit femininity.White shorts is Ms. ol’s most loved, especially in summer, give a person with calm, smart, cool feeling.Simple and clear, decent fashion, the waist of the details of the deal are bright spots.Khaki Shorts, with a lace doll type short sleeve shirt, became a woman, regardless of work or a street, have a taste.Rome black shorts, summer all-match single product, with a distinctive long vest, let commuter loaded also become beautiful fashion.Slim black shorts, concise style, smooth lines, elegant generous, reflect ol professional temperament

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